Compensation plan

Fibra Plus counts on a compensation scheme for the Relevant Founder and Executive Officers that allows the alignment of the incentives of the FIBRA and the Internal Manager with those of the CBFI Holders, ensuring that the company’s construction and operating goals are met, as well as seizing new growth opportunities.

The total compensation paid to the Executive Officers will depend, to a large extent, on the profitability achieved in each developed project.

The compensation scheme of Fibra Plus is summarized as follows:

  •   The CBFI Holders will receive returns according to the payment of cash distributions, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Technical Committee, once the expected flows have been generated and capitalized.
  •   The compensation scheme is designed in such a way that the CBFI Holders obtains a target performance. Once said yield is obtained, the surplus will be distributed incrementally with respect to the return between the CBFI Holders and the Executives.
  •   In accordance with the Long-Term Compensation Plan, a substantial portion of the compensation for the Executive Officers will be paid in CBFIs in order to align long-term incentives and motivate to maintain high yields, taking into account the valuation of each one of the developments incorporated into Fibra Plus’ portfolio.