Strategy and business model

Fibra Plus’ business model is grounded on 3 pillars:

Fibra Plus operates on the basis of four principles:

Select, develop and manage a high-quality real estate portfolio, with projects located in urban regions offering strong growth potential, generating a superior added-value for CBFI holders. The commercial, office, industrial buildings and rental housing segments represent a great investment opportunity, due to the high growth expectations through the acquisition and development of a greater number and quality of opportunities.

The investment guidelines are:

  • Focus on the generation of added-value.
  • Positioning in high-growth cities.
  • Solid corporate governance.
  • Vertical integration of the operation, covering the entire value chain.
  • Experienced internal management.

Fibra Plus' value proposal rests on the following elements:

  • Vertically integrating the entire real estate value chain;
  • Focused on opportunities for generating high returns
  • Network of business relationships in the origination, development, operation, stabilization, and commercialization of real estate for lease;
  • Capital structure focused on the optimization of resources and time for high value generation;
  • Diversification by asset types and location, and
  • Capacity and experience to reconvert and/or cycle assets to maximize their value and allow the capitalization of new investment opportunities.

Business Vision.

Scalable and sustainable business model:

  • Enhance leverage, maintaining a healthy debt level (LTV) ranging from 35% to 40%.
  • Access to domestic and international capital and debt markets with lower interest rates.
  • Access to better operations in terms of size and specialty.

Premium clients and sectors:

  • Participation in the most booming sectors.
  • AAA clients in all sectors.
  • Diversification.
  • Reach a capitalization of close to US$1 billion in the medium term.

Operational efficiencies:

  • Increased negotiation power with tenants and suppliers.
  • Broadening the vision of business models by merging cultures.
  • Creation of a new asset cycle area.

Best corporate governance practices:

  • Low fee scheme.
  • Over 54% of committee members are independent, and all members have extensive industry experience and reputation.
  • All relevant transactions go through the approval of the Technical Committee.
  • Internal management independent of the Relevant Founder.

Quantifiable synergies:

  • Professional operation that lowers operating expenses.
  • Synergies from:
    • a) Annual savings in administrative expenses greater than 30% over 2 to 3 years.
    • b) 3.4% increase in the valuation of the merger, according to the independent expert.

Higher market liquidity:

  • Better valuations due to illiquidity or size premium.
  • Access to major investor pools.
  • Increased liquidity through the optimal use of resources that set the basis for reflecting the fair value of the certificates issued by Fibra Plus.