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We are the first Mexican REIT focused on the development of real estate for leasing. Fibra Plus was designed to operate under an internal management scheme, for the purpose of creating an investment vehicle with a transparent and accountable structure, outstanding for its high capacity for execution and generation of value to achieve maximum capital gains that directly benefit our investors.

To capture these benefits, Fibra Plus draws on the experience of a select group of real estate developers and operators, as well as on a business model that vertically integrates the whole real estate value chain, including: the identification of concepts and locations for real estate developments, the follow-up to the development of projects and construction works, the commercialization and leasing process, the operation of the mentioned developments, even the completion of their stabilization cycle and eventual monetization when the right market conditions for the divestment in the projects are met.

Operating and Financial Highlights as of 1Q22

GLA under development (m2)
GLA in operation (m2)
NOI Margin (%)
Number of Projects

Portfolio in Operation


Autlan de Navarro, Jalisco

Baja California

Ensenada, Baja California


Nogales, Sonora

CBFI Price


FPlUS in the media

Fibra Plus acquires industrial park 'T-MEC III'

The real estate investment trust will pay Ps.486 million for the property, expecting to increase its operating income by 45% and its assets by 7%....

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Fibra Plus moves forward with merger plan with Fibra HD

Fibra Plus acquired a 50% stake in Fibra HD's Fideicomiso Fundador y de Control (Fifun), progressing in its plan to merge both companies....

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Fibra Plus grew its net income by 27.6% during 2Q2021

Fibra Plus reported that its net income increased 27.6%, from Ps. 23.1 million in 2Q20 to Ps. 29.4 million this quarter....

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