It is stabilized portfolio comprised of 13 industrial facilities located in Nogales, Sonora, 97.7% occupied by 6 tenants. Nogales is known as an industrial city, with more than 100 active industrial buildings, and is one of the most influential industrial zones of the country, where the manufacturing industry has grown hand in hand with the arisen export opportunities, mainly to the United States. This type of projects, stabilized and generators of cash flows in US dollars, fits perfectly with the growth strategy pursued by Fibra Plus, since, in addition to being acquired at an attractive Cap Rate and significantly rising the Company's current cash flow, it enhances Fibra Plus’ real estate portfolio by industry, geographic location and tenant.

  • GLA (m2): 62,923
  • % of Total GLA: 19.6%
  • Occupancy: 97.7%
  • Year of acquisition: aug-2018
  • Investment: USD$ 27.8 million