We are the first Mexican REIT with a vertically integrated business model consolidating the entire real estate value chain. Fibra Plus was designed to operate under an internal management scheme, for the purpose of creating an investment vehicle with a transparent and professional structure, grounded in the adoption of the best corporate practices and a highly experienced management team.

On October 14, 2021, Fibra Plus carried out one of the most important transactions since its inception, by completing the tender offer for up to 100% of Fibra HD’s outstanding certificates (BMV: FIBRAHD15), acquiring 309.9 million certificates equivalent to 70.9% of Fibra HD’s outstanding certificates, becoming the first merger of the Mexican REIT sector.


To be the leading Mexican REIT in the country by:
• Generating greater value for its investors, thanks to the capture of capital gains throughout the real estate value chain.
• Counting on a modern corporate governance and operational structure aligned with the best practices.
• Bringing together highly trained and motivated human capital.
• Seeking constant innovation and boasting a comprehensive business model that includes leasing, operating, acquiring, and developing real estate in high-growth and economically vibrant strategic locations in Mexico.
• Aligning the incentives of our business model with the strategies and interests of our investors.


   To become the best investment vehicle for direct, transparent, timely, and flexible access to the real estate market:
• Fully internally managed, which brings economies of scale for the benefit of our investors.
• Diversified by industry and structurally capable of operating, developing, acquiring, and cycling assets in an integral manner.
• Capable of growing organically and inorganically.
• Comprised of teams of professionals specialized in their respective fields of expertise.
• Capable of offering attractive distributions through the generation of operating cash flows and capital gains.

Our Principles

  • Resilience
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Respect