In compliance with Mexican Income Tax Law (Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta – “LISR”), Fibra Plus is required to distribute 95% of the Taxable Result corresponding to the preceding fiscal year at least once a year, no later than March 15. The Taxable Result is calculated in accordance with the aforementioned law, considering the accumulated income during the fiscal year and subtracting the authorized deductions; to the profit thus obtained, the losses from previous fiscal years pending to be amortized must be subtracted. Additionally, the payments of the Cash Distributions will be executed pro rata among all CBFI Holders proportionally to the certificate holdings of each one.

Cash Distributions will be performed annually, as long as there are resources available for this purpose in accordance with the operation and management of the accounts, revenue, investments and expenses, distribution account has liquid resources and the following requirements are met:

(i) That the Technical Committee approves the financial statements of the Trust corresponding to the payment of Cash Distributions;
(ii) That the Technical Committee approves the amount of the Cash Distribution in accordance with LISR, after receiving and reviewing the opinion of the Audit Committee; and,
(iii) That the Internal Manager, based on the resolution of the Technical Committee, instructs the Trustee to execute the payment of Cash Distributions to the CBFI Holders, considering the total amount approved by the Technical Committee and the number of outstanding CBFIs.

It is important to note that as of June 30, 2022, no cash distribution has been executed, since no taxable income has been generated for such distributions largely due to the projects under development.