Main stakeholders

Fibra Plus’ CBFIs entitles their holders, in accordance with applicable stock market regulation, as well as with the terms of the Trust Agreement, the right to receive a portion of the profits, returns and, as the case may be, the residual value of the real estate assets or rights related for that purpose to the Trust, therefore, giving the right to receive Cash Distributions derived from the Trust Patrimony, insofar as this is sufficient to execute such Distributions. The foregoing with the understanding that:

(i) Fibra Plus’ CBFIs do not grant any rights to their Holders on the ownership of the real estate assets; and,
(ii) Do not create any obligation on the Trust to pay principal amount or interests.

As of December 31, 2021, the Controlling Trust held more than 15% of the outstanding CBFIs, which gives it the right to appoint at least half plus one of the total members of the Technical Committee at the Holders' Meeting.