Torre Ciudad del Carmen

It is a building for offices located in Ciudad del Carmen, a town that stands out as an important center of operations of Petroleos Mexicanos and numerous direct and indirect suppliers in the southeast of the country, as well as companies that are growing as a result of the private activity in the energy industry, which has developed in recent years derived from the reforms to energy regulation. Ciudad del Carmen is the most important city of Campeche in terms of economic activity and the third municipality with the highest income nationwide.

  • Estimated GLA (m2): 10,592
  • % of Total GLA: 3.8%
  • Completion date: TBA
  • Estimated investment1: Ps. 312 million
1Investment plus land plot and other soft and hard costs, not including VAT. The amounts may be adjusted for variations in the MXN/USD exchange rate, inflation and expansion or reduction in GLA.